Our Chiropractor, John James

Qualified from the Welsh Institute of Chiropractic in 2008. John originally trained as a research scientist and gained a PhD in Biological Sciences. His approach to chiropractic care has therefore always been driven by his scientific background and thinking. Prior to starting his chiropractic degree John was a carpenter, helping him to work his way through university, but also giving him an understanding of how hard physical work, as in the trades, can affect a body.

John is especially interested in sports related injuries and helping sports people improve their performance and attain pain free training and competing. John is the chiropractor to the British Stickfighting Team as well as being their Co-Head Coach. Having competed at international level himself, and winning British, European and
World titles, he has a keen understanding of what is required to help people train and compete at all levels.

John has been a martial artist for over 40 years. Inevitably people receive injuries even with careful and respectful training. It was after a particularly awkward fall at the age of around 12 years old that led John to seek a chiropractor. Not all 12 year olds bounce! It took quite a while before it dawned on John that Chiropractic would be the vocation for him. Since qualifying John has also helped others take the step towards
becoming a chiropractor. The variety of patients one can see in a day, from the very young to the very old, with a variety of conditions and the positive outcomes expressed and felt by patients makes Chiropractic a fantastic profession to be in.