About Us

Acorn Chiropractic is a family centred clinic based very close to Clevedon town centre.

Helping people get back to their full potential.

Whether it’s running a marathon, tending their garden without pain, playing with their grandchildren or just feeling more like themselves and able to go about their normal activities with less stiffness and pain.

Our non-corporate approach to treating patients.

As everyone is different, we believe that so should their treatment. We do not sell treatment plans or blocks of treatment and there is no need for payment up front.

Working with you to get the best results.

Our patient centred approach empowers patients through education about their condition. This allows patients to drive the way they want to be treated and get the best result possible.

We treat everyone

From international athletes to enthusiastic amateurs, young to old, able to less able bodied.

Range of facilities 

The clinic has three parking spaces directly outside, reserved for patients. We have disabled access, bathroom facilities for people with disabilities and a ground floor treatment room.

Meet the team

John James – Chiropractor
Ruth Corker – Chiropractor
Kristina Tank – Massage Therapist
Peter Kramer – Massage Therapist
Fred Oviatt – Foot Health Practitioner